Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Body Shop Haul

Oh no! The Body Shop only went and had a sale and a few items may have slipped into my basket and were delivered to my door! I haven't tried many things from the body shop so what better time to try things out than when there's a sale on!

As you can see I only made a couple of purchases, ok maybe more than a couple but I got all these goodies for less than £20..... Now that IS a bargain.

Ok so lets get started with what I got. The passion fruit scent is amazing I got both the shower gel and the body butter, The shower gel was £1.80!! now that's a crazy price there wouldn't be many offerings at the supermarket for that price let alone the super fruity goodness of a Body Shop shower gel. I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Passion Fruit scent and I'm sure this shower gel will leave the scent lingering in my bathroom long after I'm out of the shower. The body butter was £3 and I have tried The Body Shops body butters before so I already know that these are super moisturising and can't wait to use it.

Now this product excites me it's from the Honeymania range and its called Bubble Bath Melt, I got this for £4.80. I gather from the name that I am to use this like bubble bath and put a small amount into running water to create the bubbles, I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with that. One thing is for sure this smells divine, I was worried it was going to be a sickly sweet smell with it being Honeymania and all but it has a very strong floral scent. I'm not normally into florals but I cant stop taking the lid off of this to have a sniff, I cant wait to have a bath!

I'm a huge fan of lip balms there isn't a day gone by that I haven't applied a lip balm several times throughout the day. Now I am a huge fan of DR Lipp nipple balm for lips, it works wonders on even the driest of lips but there is no scent, no flavour and sometimes I want something that is a little bit more... fun I guess.

So it is no surprise that this Born Lippy lip balm made its way to my front door, I got this for £1.20. I got this in Watermelon and it smells great! I love the consistency of the balm too as it is not too solid but instead its creamy and feels really moisturising.

And Finally its the bronzer the whole blogging world has been talking about the bronzer that is so natural in finish that there is even a shade for the fairest of skins out there. I love this compact, it feels good quality and has a nice sized mirror so will be handy for keeping in my handbag. I like that the front of the compact has the honeycomb design incorporated into it as well. I bought this for £7.80 which in the world of make up is a great price, providing it lives up to the hype.

Now for the product itself, this is a matt bronzer so there is no sign of shimmer and there is not a hint of orange in sight. This is definitely the most natural looking bronzer I have seen in a long time, I'm not sure this would be any good for contouring but it will be great for giving my skin a natural bronzed glow without making me look like a disco ball. There is only one shade darker than this one so if you have dark skin this probably wont be suitable for you. I like the look of the product, the honeycomb design is a great finishing touch also the feel of the product is very soft and velvety, I'm looking forward to trying this in my make up routine.

It looks like I'm a potential Body Shop convert, my first impressions are very positive indeed. I'm pretty sure there will be some repurchases made and further exploration of The Body Shops offerings once I've worked my way through this lot.  Do you like The Body Shop? Which are your favourite products?

Kayla xx


  1. I really love their balms and body butters, you got great deals!

    1. Yea I thought there was some real good bargains in there! I love how fragrant everything is x

  2. I love the Body Shop products. I have used them for years and I am currently using the Shea shower cream, exfoliator and beautifying oil. I got these from my boyfriends brother and wife for christmas and I LOVE them!!

    Reviews on these products will be up on my blog soon I just have to get back up to date with blogging opps! I blog at if you wish to take a gander at my posts.