Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February Favourites

Last month I didn't do a Favourites post as I had been using things from previous favourites or that I had already posted about and thought it would be a bit repetitive but some of the purchases I made at the end of last month have quickly become products that I reach for on a regular basis so I thought I would share those with you today.

I'm sure you have all read plenty about Hydraluron but I was pretty late to the party when it comes to serums but better late than never! Right now I'm on a skincare discovery path and I'm looking to find products that work well for my skin so that I can eventually form a regular routine, I think Hydraluron has well and truly secured its place a regular. I have been using this serum twice a day before moisturising on both my face and neck, I feel like its definitely doing the job its supposed to do. My skin feel much more hydrated and stays this way through out the day despite blasting the heating on full when getting into a freezing cold car thanks to the glorious UK weather! Hello Hydraluron Bye bye tight skin!

I'd never really used a specific night cream for moisturising in the evenings before but I came across a brand called Dead Sea Spa Magik and purchased the Super Night Cream, this kinda sounds like a comic book hero, or am I on my own with that one? This brand aims to bring a spa experience to your beauty regime at home and the minerals within the products help to re balance the mineral levels within the body, a lot of skin conditions are partly due to an imbalance of vitamins or minerals. The Super Night cream is supposed to nourish and revitalise dehydrated skin so I decided to give this a try and my am I glad I did. This is a super thick cream and a little goes a long way so I can see this tube lasting for a while and that makes it superb value for money. I apply this before bed, it feels lovely when applying it and seems to start working straight away. When I wake up my face looks a little greasy but I don't mind that as my morning cleanse soon gets rid of any greasiness and I'm left with super soft skin. This was also amazing when I had a horrible cold and I got the unavoidable dry, flaky skin around my nose, I applied more of this cream than usual specifically to the dry areas and on first use there was a clear improvement and after the second day of doing this the flaky, dry skin had gone. I'm not sure if this will be too rich for the summer months, I'll have to see, but this is certainly a keeper for autumn/winter.

I've never really gone out of my way to purchase Body Shop products, I'm not sure why I just never have but when they had a sale on I went a little crazy, you can read all about it here. One of the things I picked up in the sale was this Passion Fruit Shower Gel.... Oh My! it smells divine! I use this with one of those body polish, net, spongy things - do these even have a proper name? - and just a small amount encases my whole body with a lather that smells amazing! When I have time I follow up with the passion fruit body butter which smells equally amazing.

This month I also found myself shopping my beauty box sample stash and I found some sheer delights that I will defiantly have to purchase in full size. 

The Laura Mercier Long Lash mascara makes my lashes look great. I really enjoy using this in the day as it doesn't add much volume so is less dramatic and more suitable for the office. This mascara makes my lashes look more defined with no clumping or smudging, I even use this on my lower lashes and it does not budge. I really like the brush as it is a nice size and shape that allows for precise application and a level of control that allows you to ensure each lash is coated, I hope it is the same in the full size. I have also layered  this up when I want something more but still not as dramatic as a volumising mascara.

In this months Birchbox I got Beauty Protector Protect & Oil and I think it's safe to say I'm in love. I use this on damp hair before blow drying and my hair felt so soft I was amazed, even after the first time I used it. My hair looks and feels healthier and to boot it smells sooo good. This is supposed to protect your hair against heat and help reduce breakage which is great but how it makes my hair look and feel is enough for me, anything else is a bonus!

Ahh  once again I'm here raving about Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips, this is easily a product that has achieved Holy grail status in my eyes. I don't yet own this in the full size as quite simply I haven't needed to, I have used this sample regularly since I got it in my October Birchbox and I'm just about getting to the end of it. I will certainly be repurchasing this as it is a wonder product for dry lips. Any signs of dryness just slick on some of this balm and flaky, dry, sore lips will be a distant memory.

Now I know that silicone primers are not everyone's cup of tea but since using Benefits Porefessional primer I have noticed a difference in both the finish and longevity of my make up. When applied to the skin you get that soft touch feel that silicone primers give, which I like, and I have found my base looks much more flawless which is always a good thing in my book. I have only used this underneath my foundation, although it does state it can be used throughout the day for touch ups. I'm not really a fan of putting more products on old make up and since using this primer I don't really need to touch up my make up as it easily gets me through a day at the office. This has found its way to the top of my shopping list but as you don't need to use a lot of this product I still have a few uses left in this sample.

That's it for my February favourites guys, I also checked where I got my samples and they all came from Birchbox, either recent boxes or boxes I received before Christmas. This confirms to me that I made the right choice in keeping my Birchbox subscription. What have you been loving this month? Have you done a favourites post? leave the link below if you have, I love reading favourites posts.

Kayla xx

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