Monday, 24 February 2014

Manicure Tip

Following on from yesterdays Manicure Routine post I thought I would share with you a little tip that I find invaluable to getting the perfect finish. There's nothing worse than painting your nails and you get some on your skin or cuticle (how annoying) and when you try to remove it with a cotton pad you manage to destroy the paint work you just put all your effort in to applying. Well have no fear this little tip will help you to achieve perfection. For this tip you will simply need nail varnish remover, a cotton wool pad and an orange wood stick.

Firstly take the orange wood stick and dip the slanted end into your nail varnish remover.

Take a cotton wool pad and split it apart, I normally just peel it half way back as this is more than enough and you can then reuse the cotton pad.

Twist the orange wood stick (slanted end) in the loose fluffiness of the split cotton wool pad. Dipping the orange wood stick into your nail varnish remover makes the cotton wool grip onto the stick, if its dry it wont pick up any of the cotton wool.

When you have enough cotton wool on the stick just pull it away from the cotton pad and you should have something that kind of resembles candy floss.

Smooth this down by twisting the fluffy cotton wool in one direction between your fingers, keep doing this until it is smooth and nicely wrapped around around the orange wood stick.

Now you have a nice neat tool to help you remove unwanted nail varnish accurately. All you have to do is dip the cotton wool end into your nail varnish remover and then use this to wipe away any mistakes you may have made without ruining the polish on your actual nail. 

Voila the perfect paint that looks like you just took a trip to the salon, don't worry your secrets safe with me ;)

Something a little different but I hope you find this tip helpful, I use this each time I paint my nails. Just make sure you prepare this before you begin painting other wise it could get a little messy, cotton wool and wet nails are not best friends.

Kayla xx

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