Saturday, 4 January 2014

#NOTW - The First Of The Year

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a fab time celebrating! Welcome to my first post and nail colour of 2014! I love painting my nails and trying out new polishes so as "#Nail Of The Week" is likely to be a regular feature I decided it needed a title pic, my camera and laptop collided and the above was created (I hope you like it, I know its nothing special but hey I'm giving it a go and learning along the way). Any way lets get back to the important matter of what is gracing my nails for the first week of the year.

Now first off please excuse the dry skin and awful cuticles, this is on the top of my to-do list and I'll get it sorted ASAP. Now you will probably recognise these two lil beauties from my last post, I have been desperate to try these out since I opened them on Christmas Day but what better time to try this look than New Years Eve. So as we were having a cosy night in I decided I would glam up my nails whilst watching New Years Eve TV and apply a little Essie glitz to my finger tips. 

I'm going to start with the main colour in the look which is Fiji, this is an absolutely adorable baby pink colour which will be perfect for spring or when ever your having a pastel kind of day! If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have a whole lotta love for Essie polishes and while I do love this look it took a bit more effort to create than some of the other colours I have. 

Fiji is definitely not a 1 coat polish but once you figure out how to achieve the look you want it takes no time at all. I discovered the following method achieved the opaque, streak free finish that I was after. I applied a thin first coat to my nails, this was very streaky and totally see through and left me very worried as to what the end result would be. I let the first coat dry for a few mins and then went in with the second coat. Now this one is the important one, you need to have enough product on the brush to ensure you can cover your nail in a generous (but not too thick) layer in one go (I found going back to the bottle for more product resulted in an uneven finish) this covered up any streaks from the first coat and ensured a consistent colour all over the nail. Perfect!

Now to add a touch of glitz I used the top coat that came as a set with Fiji, this is one of Essie's Multi Dimension top coats in the shade A Cut Above. This is a clear top coat that has specks of lovely, rosy pink glitter within it. I chose to use this for an accent nail and applied it to the finger nail next to my little finger on both hands (I used a standard top coat on the rest of my nails). As far as application goes I started by brushing this on as you normally would with top coat and then if I felt an area was sparse I made sure I had glitter on the end of the brush and dabbed it where I wanted more glitter. I was concerned that the glitter top coat would be a rough finish and would snag on clothing etc. and potentially not last very long but I was wrong, the finish is a little rough but there are no sharp edges so it is smoothish at the same time (well that made sense in my head, here's hoping it translates ok) and doesn't catch or snag on anything. I have been sporting this look for 5 days now and it still looks fab!

I love this look, Essie never fails to impress me and the glitter means you can add a touch of sparkle for a special occasion or just because... Lets face it there is no excuse required for a bit of sparkle in your life! Have you tried Essie's glittery top coats? What is you favourite nail brand? Which shade were you rocking to see the new year in?

Kayla xx


  1. ooh these look really great!i would love to try some of Essies Glitter polishes!:)xx

    1. Hey thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

      I love Essie nail polishes in general but would you believe I painted my nails on New Year's Eve and I still have the same application on my nails now! Granted the plain pink is starting to look a bit shabby and could do with repainting but my 2 nails with the glitter top coat on are still in tip top condition x

  2. Replies
    1. I love them!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog xx