Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mini Sales Haul

After the excitement of Christmas comes the hustle and bustle of the January sales. This year I was very good and only made a few purchases but that was mainly down to a) my purse feeling the pinch after Christmas and b) I was given vouchers for our local shopping centre for Christmas so I could only really shop in the stores rather than on-line. I wasn't overly impressed with the sales this year but that could be because I like to enjoy the festive period with my family and didn't rush out on Boxing day and join in the chaos searching for a bargain (I couldn't think of anything worse, hats off to you that faced those crazy crowds), if I did maybe I would have found more but any way here are the few purchases I made. 

First up I headed into Top Shop, now while the clothes didn't really impress me I did pick up this seriously snugly snood in a nice oatmeal colour. This was a bargain at £8 pounds, half the original ticket price, I will definitely get a lot of use out of this as I always wear scarves and this one looks great with my parka coat. In Miss Selfridge I spent ages perusing their jewellery sale and eventually decided that this statement necklace just had to come home with me. I think this will add a touch of glam to simple outfits such as jeans and a white t-shirt or a great finishing touch to a dress for a night on the town. I do love a bit of sparkle and this was another half price bargain at £7.50 although I have to say I'm not sure I would have bought this at full price.

How can anyone resist the temptation of the Boots sale, this is one I wish I checked out on-line a lot earlier as when I went into the store a lot of it had gone and there were some great bargains that I missed out on - oh well there's always next year. I did manage to bag myself this No7 gift set which is full of skin care products. Included in the set is a muslin face cloth - which was in the empty space top left but I couldn't wait to give it a try so it missed out on the photo opportunity - a Beautiful Skin eye make up remover 30ml, Protect & Perfect day cream & night cream both 25ml, a super soft No7 head band which does a great job of keeping my hair out of the way and a Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser 50ml. All of these products are for all skin types and are hypo-allergenic, I think the products are a great size for someone like myself who has never used No7 skincare before, I can thoroughly try them out and form an opinion about them as well as finding out if my skin benefits from them.

My only on-line purchase was from Lush, I did go into the store but my local Lush is not very big and didn't have many sale items left. Believe it or not this is my first ever Lush purchase so I was keen to buy some reduced items to see how I felt about them. I headed for the Lush website and added the following to my basket; 2 x  The Melting Snowman - £1.12 each, 1 x Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - £1.75, 1 x Santa's Lip Scrub £2.75 and 1 x Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar - £2.78. These look fab and I cant wait to find time to relax in the bath and give one of these a try, although I am slightly disappointed in the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar. Being a Lush novice I thought that you would use this in the bath but after looking on-line it appears that this is used after the bath as a sort of moisturiser that leaves you covered in glitter, this I am rather weary about.

I wasn't joking when I said this would be a mini haul, that's it for the round up of my sales purchases. What did you get in the sales? any crazy bargains you just couldn't resist? oh and also do you have any Lush recommendations for me?

Kayla xx


  1. All of the Snow Fairy products smell delicious! The lip scrubs are amazing too :)
    xxElise -

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by! I've tried the lip scrub it's great, think I'm going to treat my self to a nice Lush bath this weekend :)

    Kayla xx

  3. I got some lovely dresses in the sales!

    You got some great stuff. I'm hardly ever impressed with the clothes at top shop!

    Corinne x

    1. Hi Corinne,

      To be honest I can't stand the pushing n shoving of sales shopping for clothes so I tend to stick to raiding the sales online where I can. I like topshop sales for jewelery but it's not often I get any clothes in their sales.

      Thanks for checking out my blog :)

      Kayla xx

  4. I love the look of that No7 set, wish I had grabbed some bits in the sale!! Danielle xx