Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review: My Beauty Compare

Do you ever have those moments where you make a purchase that your all excited about and when you tell your friend you find out that she got it cheaper some where else? Well to help us all avoid this problem and to save us endless hours of searching various websites to get the best deal on our beauty addiction there is a new solution to help us save time and be price savvy...

Enter*, I was recently asked to review this new website that aims to help women stop wasting time on the wrong products and get the right products for the best possible price. As I had never heard of the site I decided I would take a look and find out what its all about and my was there a lot to take in. All of the products are split into the following 6 categories Skincare, Make up, Body, Hands & Feet, Hair and Fragrance, each of those sections are then broken down further to help you pin point the products you are interested in. Once you have selected the product you are looking for you are given the usual description of the product and then below is the price comparison.
Price comparison & Reviews
As you can see in the above picture** the comparison shows you a list of websites that have the product you selected, the size of the product and also the price. I think its great that it shows you the price of the product and the delivery charge that will be applied so you really can see where to get the best deal, I hate the disappointment when you think your getting a bargain and then the delivery charge slaps you in the face like a wet kipper.

Along side the price comparison are the reviews of the product. If I have not been recommended a product then reviews play an important part of weather or not I actually go through with a purchase and I always search the Internet looking for other peoples experiences with products before I purchase them for the first time. The reviews are written by members of the site and if you register you will be able to contribute and write your own reviews too.
Beauty Quiz
With more brands than you can shake a stick at, ranging from high end to purse friendly products it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming or your like an excited kid in a sweet shop and don't know which to try first but don't worry because have got that covered - phew! 

When you register with the site you complete a beauty quiz all about YOU! When completing the quiz you will answer a variety of questions from your complexion to hair type and your eye colour to how much water you drink daily and other questions that help the website build a picture about you, what you want products to do for you and what you need from products. It's quick and easy to do and then you simply click submit which saves your answers. I like that you can revisit this profile at any time and update it, our bodies and lifestyles are forever changing and so will want you want from your beauty products.

Once you have submitted your answers you can begin exploring the site. Maybe your on the look out for a new moisturiser so you click skin care followed by moisturiser and it brings up a whole array of moisturisers for you to choose from. The clever bit however are the top row of products, these are called "Your Beauty Product Matches" and these are your personal recommendations according to how you answered your beauty quiz so essentially visiting is like going shopping with a best friend that knows you so well and also happens to have an encyclopedia of beauty product knowledge for a brain. I found it reassuring when trying this out for myself that within "Your Beauty Matches" were a few products that I either own at the moment or have used in the past and enjoy.
Personalised Search Results
With the site being in the early stages I am told the make-up section is still being worked on so you can expect some updates there but I'm sure will continue to develop and grow along with our needs and demands.I think this site is a great idea and can help save time and money whilst also providing helpful information through their blog. The forum can be a great way to interact with people that have similar interests and share your beauty knowledge and maybe even help someone out with a particular beauty issue.

So there you have it an easy to use, personalised and price comparison site that has something for everyone and all budgets. You can either shop for you must have holy grail products or take a look and find something new to try.... all this from the comfort of you own home! Go take a look for yourselves at

Kayla xx

*Although I was asked to write this review these are my honest thoughts and opinions of the website.

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  1. This looks so good! Will definetly be looking at this! But wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award here xxx

    1. Aww thank you Ella I will check it out xx