Wednesday, 22 January 2014

#NOTW - Adding Some Glitz To An Old Favourite

Its time for another nail look and this week I have gone for an old Favourite and given it a new twist. It will probably come as no surprise but here I give you another Essie offering and a power couple in the world nail polish. 

Oh my just look at those two beauties! individually adorable but together they are AMAZING! its like adding a sparkly necklace to your trusty LBD in a bid to give it a new lease of life.

I painted all of my nails in two coats of After School Boy Blazer, this is a classic deep navy blue colour that almost looks black in some lights and in others you can see a hint of blue. I have reviewed this before so you can read my full thoughts on it here.

I have been itching to try out Stroke Of Brilliance so I'm glad I have finally found the time, the observant of you out there may have spied this in my What I Got For Christmas post, so I am sooo excited to finally be sporting this on my nails. Much like my last #NOTW I decided to use the glitter top coat as an accent and so only applied in on my fingers next to my little fingers to add a subtle and sophisticated touch of sparkle.

I absolutely Love After School Boy Blazer and to be able to wear it in another way with a hint of fun is just great, A Stroke Of Brilliance give this classic nail colour a new edge and I for one really like it. After using my other Essie glitter top coat I know that this nail look will last as I normally get a good week out of Essie nail polishes but I think the glitter top coat would last even longer as after 7 days it wasn't even starting to look grubby. With this being said the glitter is more difficult to remove but I found that if I put my nail varnish remover onto a cotton pad and then pressed that onto my nail and let it soak for a little bit it did come off a bit easier.

Another winner from Essie, I'm really going to enjoy wearing this look. Do you like the glitter top coats from Essie? Let me know which ones you try and which nail varnishes you like to pair the glitter with.

Kayla xx

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