Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Intuition, A Close Shave?

When woman was created who on earth thought that what we would most like is to have hair growing on our legs? Being female comes with additional tasks and attention to details that males do not have to think of, most of these are enjoyable and can even be relaxing, maintaining/painting nails, applying make up, playing around with hairstyles I could do these all day long, no problem (if I didn't have a full time job and a house to run of course) and then there is the removal of unwanted hair, urgh what a chore! and the fact that the soft silky legs results last merely a day just adds to my loathing of this task!

So its safe to say I like shaving my legs to be quick and easy whilst getting the closest shave possible to try and make the soft, smooth, hair free finish last longer. I received this Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor in my December Glossybox, quiet random I thought but hey I'll give it a go.

Intuition is a 3 in 1 beauty tool that lathers, shaves and moisturises in one step and all you have to do is add water. My first impression was fab, this looks like it is going to be a no hassle leg shaving session with this razor in hand and as it contains 100% natural aloe and vitamin E it must be great for my skin too!

The razor is a lot bulkier than the Gillette Venus razor I would normally use this is because it is designed to accommodate the razor blades (these are the same standard size as other razors) that are surrounded by a solid white block that lathers and moisturises as you shave, kind of like razor blades surrounded by a bar of soap. 

The performance of this razor did not impress me in the slightest, I wet the razor and began the chore of shaving my legs but I found that it did not give me the close shave that I get from using my Venus razor and I could still feel little short hairs on my legs, I thought this may have been because the product around the razor blades needed to be worn down more to allow the blade to come into better contact with my skin so I carried on but I did my whole leg and still the results were no better.

The big bulky head also made it impossible to get around the awkward ankle bone that its normally the victim of a little nick here n there, but there is no fear of that with this razor as I couldn't get near it. Stray ankle hairs are not on anybody's wish list.

I am also put off by the fact that once you have used the razor it leaves a gooey mess where it rests on the side of the bath, although for those of you that like to stick your razor to your wall it comes with a plastic stand so you can do just that.

As much as I was not impressed by the razor itself the lathering/moisturising product was great, as the razor was so poor I flipped it over and ran the solid white block over my legs, it lathered up nicely and smelt lovely and fresh I then grabbed my Venus razor and finished off the job that Intuition was so rubbish at doing. Afterwards my legs felt softer than usual and my skin was not dry at all so I do put that down to the product that is built around the Intuition blades its just a shame it it no good at doing the primary task it was designed for.

I definitely wont be purchasing this razor, I'll stick to the simple Venus razors that get the job done and moisturise my legs afterwards along with the rest of my body. Have you tried the Intuition razors? what did you think? let me know in the comments.

Kayla x

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