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Glossy Box: October

It is with deep sadness that I have come to realise in last months post I my have jinxed my Glossy Box experience. I was filled with the usual excitement when I got home and saw this months Glossy Box sat patiently waiting on my dining table to be ferociously torn open and the beauty goodness inside released......

I tore open the cardboard box and took out the little pink package that brings a smile to my face each month, I gave the box a little shake so the lid came off, slowly pulled the ribbon loose and carefully peeled back the sticker that was holding the contents of the box neatly inside the black tissue paper.

Octobers Glossy Box
After a quick glance the excitement started to fizzle out as I saw one of the samples was a perfume sample for Katy Perry's new scent Killer Queen, Perfume samples never excite me as normally a trip into town results in you going home with a few that have been dropped in your bag by the shop assistant at the till. Next adding to the disappointment were 2 sachet's floating in the box, again these are always a bit of a let down as once they are open you can't reseal them so they end up in the bin and also you don't get enough product to form an opinion.

OK so here are the complete contents of Octobers box, as already mentioned a 1.5ml sample of Katy Perry's latest scent Killer Queen, I'm not usually a fan of celebrity scents they always seem to be aimed a younger girls, this one is probably one of the better ones I've smelt but its still quite fruity. Up next is two 3ml sachets of Vita Liberata, Latte Illuminating Skin Finish, this product description talks about "perfect coverage" & "flawless medium bronzing" and in all honesty I had to check the website to find out how this should be used, it appears to be a tanning product to be used on legs, arms, face and d├ęcolletage. The sample size would only allow this to be tested on the face but 1. I have no idea what the colour is like so I wont be finding out by putting it on my face and 2. I don't need "subtle shimmering particles" capturing the light on my face, I'm working on banishing the shine not attracting it so its safe to say I wont be using this sample. Next out of the box came ME ME ME, Cherub's Blush 12ml,  this is a rouge tint for both cheeks and lips, the packaging resembles a nail varnish bottle as it has a small brush inside to apply the product. The consistency is like water and I would be worried about putting this on my face after spending time applying and buffing my base to perfection, however this could look pretty on the lips. The next sample is Monu, Illuminating Primer 20ml, as you can probably guess I'm instantly put off but the word illuminating and reading the description doesn't do it any favours "add instant sheen" is making me run for the hills, who wants a sheen on their face?? I think this is another one I'll give away/throw away which is a shame as it is a decent sample size, just not suited to me. The final sample is Premae, Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum 20ml, This is a skin serum that can be used morning and night before moisturising and also states it can be mixed with liquid foundation to create a "shine-control natural BB cream" this sounds like it could possibly help me on my mission to shine free skin, yey!

So there's the run down and as you can see I'll probably only use the serum myself, 1/5 is not a good result in my book! I don't expect to like every sample in every box but I feel that this month was particularly disappointing and I don't feel it was worth the money I spent on it. 

My disappointment with this box is also the reason behind me not posting about it until now, it took me a while to decide if I wanted to put in the effort to write about such a disappointment  but I decided that it was only right to post both the good and the bad.... after all companies don't get it right all of the time and it wouldn't be right to not share my opinion on this.

What did you get in your glossy box this month? were you satisfied with your box or like me were you left with a distinct feeling of dissatisfaction? Let me know in the comment below :)

Kayla x


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