Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hair Saviours

My hair ambition is to have luscious long locks that would even make Rapunzel green with envy! OK so that may not be an achievable goal and I cant even begin to imagine how you would manage hair that long, but long healthy hair is what I love and strive for and even though mine is fairly long (down my back to the bottom of my shoulder blades-ish) I cant help but want it longer still. I think the key to longer hair is to ensure you look after the length you already have.

Lately I have been really happy with how soft and healthy my hair looks and I put it down to these 3 beauties. I reach for these products once I have towel dried my hair and before I pick up the hair dryer, one by one they work their magic and I adore the result.

So first up I towel dry my hair, remember to do this by using the towel to blot your hair rather than furiously rubbing in all kinds of directions, this will play havoc with the cuticle and cause your hair to look frizzy and possibly cause breakage.

Once my hair is no longer dripping water all over the place I part it down the back of my head and work with my hair in these two halves for the next 3 steps. 

First up I spray Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave In Conditioner into the lengths of my hair making sure to avoid the roots. I Love the Aussie range and the leave in conditioner comes in many varieties to address all manner of hair issues but at the moment I am enjoying using Aussome Volume (I cant find this one on the boots website any more but you can get it here on Amazon). This lightweight conditioner contains Australian Sea Kelp extract and helps to inject a bit of life into my hair by way of volume, don't get me wrong its not the kind of volume you get by using a back comb brush and copious amounts of hair spray but it's no longer limp lifeless hair.

Once I have sprayed my hair I use my hair BFF the Tangle Teezer (you can pick up various different styles here, I have the Salon Elite version) to de-tangle my hair, I always start at the bottom of my hair working my way upwards I find this to be the most effective way to get rid of any tangles, its pain free (currently having flash backs of childhood de-tangling - ouch!) and takes me no time at all.

Once my hair is tangle free I then use Tresemme Split Remedy,this repairs split ends and helps protect your hair I like to put 3 pumps in the palm of my hand,  rub my hands together and take one section in each hand to apply the product. I apply this to the mid sections of my hair and then use both my hands to run my fingers through each section to ensure the product is spread evenly, don't forget to pay extra attention to the ends. Before using this I found that the ends of my hair would get very dry and unhealthy looking well not any more, bye bye candy floss ends and hello soft, smooth and healthy looking ends!

After that I quickly use my Tangle Teezer again to brush all of my hair together, it will also help to get the products into each strand and then......... Bring on the hair dryer!

So there you have it my post wash/pre dry hair care routine that makes my hair soft and reduces breakage, longer hair here I come! If you use a lot of heat in your hair I would also recommend using a heat protector as the final step before drying but I am yet to find one that A. doesn't smell awful and B. doesn't sit heavy on my hair and take all the volume out of it. If you have come across a good heat protector let me know and I'll try it out :)

Kayla x


  1. I'd be lost without my tangle teezer, in my opinion every girl should own one!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Me too! And I agree every girl should own at least one, I've even purchased a couple as stocking fillers.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      Kayla x