Sunday, 4 August 2013

Happily Essie After...

You cant beat starting a new week with freshly painted nails and there is nothing worse than finishing a day at the office and noticing you perfect paintwork is chipped! 

As I'm no professional a lot of time and effort goes into my nails and ensuring they are painted to an acceptable standard is no easy task, so I look for nail varnishes that can stand
daily typing on a keyboard, household chores and one that doesn't make painting my nails feel like a waste of time.

At the beginning of the year I came across a brand of nail varnish that I hadn't used before but everyone else was raving about, this brand of course was Essie. Oh how delighted I am to have Essie in my life!

Without  a doubt this is my new go to nail varnish brand, this polish easily sees me through a whole working week. Not only does this polish last but they come in a whole array of different colours all with cute names to boot. This summer I have been loving the shade called "Watermelon" its a nice deep pink that looks great with any outfit.

Watermelon - Essie

I like the formulation of these polishes as they are not so thick it never dries but also not so thin you need a million coats to get a true colour, I'm also a big fan of the brush as its size allows for you to get plenty of product on the brush and covers a good portion of the nail in  just one stroke, meaning no more ruining the finish with repetitive brush strokes.

I will definitely be introducing more Essie shades into my nail polish collection, have you tried the Essie polishes? whats your favourite shade?

Kayla x


  1. I love red nail polish! This one is so pretty. Good thing I have to go to Target later. :)

    Hope you'll get a chance and check out my blog. It's all beauty, life and DIY. If you ever have a fun Look/outfit of the day, or a fashion related DIY be sure to share at my "That's my Style" Link party on Fridays! :)

    Karla @

    1. This is my favourite essie colour so far, although its more of a deep pink than a red, but still a pretty colour none the less.

      Thanks for stopping by
      Kayla x