Sunday, 18 August 2013

Spray & Go anyone?

On a recent trip to Boots, whilst casually checking my points balance, I came across a vast display of Vaseline's latest product! When I think of Vaseline I think of the small tins of Vaseline lip therapy which I have in just about every bag I own as they are moisturising and convenient, Vaseline's newest product boasts both of those qualities too. Welcome to my life
Vaseline Spray & Go! 

Now time is precious and we all wish there were more hours in a day so I love coming across a time saving product. However when reality sets in a lot of products that are aimed at being quick, easy & convenient normally turn out to be nothing of the sort and are usually more difficult to use than they look and/or they don't achieve anything close to the results they claim too.

With the above in mind I didn't have high expectations for the Spray & Go but everyone, or thing in the case, deserves a fair trial right? So after my morning shower I decided I would give this new spray on moisturiser a go and reached for my tin of Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant.

I began to spray the product over my body, it is easy to use, not much pressure on the top and the product comes out as a fine mist covering the area you are directing the nozzle at. I found this product sank into my skin so minimal rubbing in was required and the scent is nice and not too strong, sometimes I find cocoa butter products to have a really strong smell that gets a bit sickly but this one has a pleasant subtle smell that is far from overpowering.

On the back of the tin are the usual product claims that often adorn the packaging of a new product. The first claim Vaseline makes is that this product moisturises and absorbs in seconds, this I would definitely agree with as there was no endless rubbing on my skin to get this to sink in and it really was effortless. The second claim is that it instantly leaves skin soft and is not sticky or greasy, as my skin was already pretty soft I cant really comment on that but it was not sticky or greasy in the slightest I was able to get dressed immediately after using this without the fear of my clothes sticking to me or greasy stains appearing, no time wasted there. Thirdly it states this product dispenses evenly with one all over spray, the continuous spray feature is great and also works at any angle this makes applying the product to your whole body effortless.

So all in all I think this product does exactly what it says on the tin. There are also two other varieties that Spray and Go offer, these are Essential Moisture and Aloe Fresh, I imagine the latter would be very refreshing after a hot sunny day or even on holiday after you have spent the day at the beach or by the pool.

Have you tried Vaseline Spray & Go? which one did you go for? I can see mine living a long happy life within my bath/shower time routine. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Kayla xx

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