Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August favourites

August is nearly over... where is this year going? The end of the month always makes me look forward to watching/reading "Monthly Favourites" videos and blogs. I enjoy viewing other peoples and I thought it would be good to do my own "Monthly Favourite" blog post, so here goes my first one.......

This month there have been a few products that have been making regular appearances in my life, some of them are new things and some are trusty old friends that I just want to show some love and appreciation for. I have chosen 5 products to rave about this month and they are a variety of hair, skin and make up products.

Vaseline Spray & Go

Up first is Vaseline's new Spray & Go moisturiser cocoa radiant, I have recently written about this on my blog so you will be able to find a more in-depth review there. I have been loving this moisturiser, its great for those days when you just don't have the time to sit and pamper your skin with a lavish massage but this means your skin does not need to miss out on a good moisture session. It definitely leaves my skin feeling hydrated and I love the scent.

Tresemme Split Remedy

My next favourite product is something that I purchased at the beginning of the month and that is Tresemme Split Remedy. I bought this as my hair is doing that annoying thing of not growing past a certain length and I figured this might help me look after the ends a bit more and prevent breakage. You simply use 2 pumps on the ends of clean, damp hair before blow drying, I like to brush through my hair after applying this and then dry as normal. The ends of my hair do look in good condition and it makes my hair feel amazingly soft! the test of time will see if this achieves a repurchase but for now, I'm loving it!

L'Occitane Handcream

My final hydrating product is a hand cream. After all we put our hands through day in, day out, its no wonder they cry out for some hydration attention and boy do they deserve it. I have been loving treating my paws to L'Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream, this is a lovely little delight that I like to keep in my handbag. I'm a fan of the packaging, which does not surprise me as I am a sucker for packaging! but sometimes when the packaging is fab the product inside lacks the wow factor but on this occasion I was not left disappointed  The consistency of this product is great as its not so thick it takes forever to work in but its thick enough to feel like its working and it smells lovely too. this is a keeper!

Canel, Soleil Tan De Chanel
My next favourite is a little bit of a splurge in the make up department, but we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while right? So whilst browsing the make up counters I came across Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, I've been after a new bronzer for some time but I don't like bronzers that have glitter in them so that has narrowed my options down a fair bit. When I first saw this bronzer on the counter the colour scared me and I thought that obviously it was too dark for my fair skin but I got speaking to lady behind the counter and she explained how the colour is suitable for all skin tones and that it blends wonderfully, she wasn't wrong. A little product goes a long way and you can build it up to be as dark as you want it to be. I find that once I put this on my skin has a healthier glow with no glitter in sight and the product stays exactly where you put it. Now I know Chanel isn't the most purse friendly brand out there but I do feel that this will last me a long time as I only        need a small amount to get my preferred look. 

Rimmel, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss
And last but not least, my final product for this month is a Lipstick. Now I haven't been the biggest lipstick wearer, in the past I've been more drawn to lip glosses but this year I have been drawn to the colours, the textures and the fuller coverage look like a moth to a flame. I took a step closer to the wonderful world of lipsticks and purchased one from Rimmels Lasting Finish Kate Moss Collection. I chose no 16 which is a gorgeous pinky coral colour, this has been great for summer days. I do find this can be slightly drying on my lips but a slick of Vaseline pre application and its all good. Its easy to apply, you don't have to be a lipstick wizard to master this and the colour doesn't bleed. I do find that I have to  reapply this quiet often as it doesn't stand the food and drink test very well but the price tag and my love for the colour make up for this.

So guys there you have it, my first monthly favourites post. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy reading Favourites posts. Have you discovered anything new this month? Or maybe you have revisited an old love? Let me know in the comments :)

Kayla x

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  1. One day I would love to try that Chanel bronzer! I've heard so many great things about it!

    Ivy xx