Monday, 29 July 2013

My First Blog Post

Well, here goes....

Welcome to my first ever blog Curiously Kayla!

As you have probably already figured out I'm Kayla :) as for the first part of my blog title
well I'm curious about all things beauty. 

I have been wanting to set up a blog for a long time now, I have read and watched the work of successful beauty bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus time and time again and while the
thought of putting myself out there in video format does not fill me with joy they have certainly inspired me to put my thoughts and opinions into a blog. I have deliberated over this for sometime now but I've finally bitten the beauty bullet, fingers crossed all goes well!

I have a passion for all things beauty, be it hair, skin, make up or nails I'm an absolute product junkie. I love finding reliable favourites that never let you down and trying out exciting new products that could potentially bring something new to the beauty table. So I figured I would share my thoughts and opinions on the products I try out along with any useful tips I pick up along the way on my blog for you all to read maybe with a hint of fashion thrown in for good measure :) 

Anyway that's enough from me! I look forward to exploring the beauty blogger world and I hope that you enjoy my thoughts, photos and tips from the beauty world!

Kayla x

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